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Fresno & Bakersfield India Ltd – brings innovative premium home products to you with a mission that your home should be pure, aromatic, in good environment and atmosphere, Just the way it should be ! Like upscale spa!

Today the slogan all around the world is Eco friendly, Azo free, biodegradable, products that are safe to environment and human beings, We take pride in being the torch bearer for Eco conscious Homecare and Organic Gardening solutions in India

Fresno & Bakersfield remains committed to offering our customers value for money and to ensure this, we continue to invest in our manufacturing plants to create further efficiency, heightened quality control, and wider product range  that Safe for you and The Planet.

Banned Chemicals

Europe and USA has totally banned, Phenyls, Phenols, formaldehydes, chlorine (hypochlorite), phosphates, However, in India the market is flooded with Home care  products which contain  chemicals and “toxins” (ie. fumes, additives, synthetic chemicals) which are hazardous to our well being , as an informed consumer we must be willing to make better choices, for Our loved ones, for Ourselves and For the Planet.

All these banned substances are harmful to body, skin, lungs, eye, fish, animals, plants, tree and eventually products you eat.


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